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Dr. Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz

Dr. Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz is a Mexicana/Chicana fronteriza queer educator, translator, writer, activist, and performer from Sonora, Mexico and southern California. She is a professor at Trinity University who teaches Mexican, Chicana/o/e/x, and Latina/o/e/x literatures, cultures, gender, sexuality, theater, and performance studies. She authored Wild Tongues: Transnational Mexican Popular Culture. She is the translator of three children’s books with Lee & Low Books. She also translated the opera The Three Women of JerusalemLas tres mujeres de Jerusalén for the Los Angeles Opera in 2022. Her work appears in the Somewhere We Are Human anthology edited by Reyna Grande.

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Book by Dr. Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz

  • "Somewhere We Are Human"

    In the overheated debate about immigration, we often lose sight of the humanity at the heart of this complex issue. The immigrants and refugees living precariously in the United States are mothers and fathers, children, neighbors, and friends. Individuals propelled by hope and fear, they gamble their lives on the promise of America, yet their voices are rarely heard.

    This anthology of essays, poetry, and art seeks to shift the immigration debate—now shaped by rancorous stereotypes and xenophobia—towards one rooted in humanity and justice. Through their storytelling and art, the contributors to this thought-provoking book remind us that they are human still. Transcending their current immigration status, they offer nuanced portraits of their existence before and after migration, the factors behind their choices, the pain of leaving their homeland and beginning anew in a strange country, and their collective hunger for a future not defined by borders.

    Created entirely by undocumented or formerly undocumented migrants, "Somewhere We Are Human" is a journey of memory and yearning from people newly arrived to America, those who have been here for decades, and those who have ultimately chosen to leave or were deported.

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