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Rachel lives with her family in Texas. She works from home and has two canine “coworkers” that are always keeping her company and making things slightly smelly. Some of Rachel’s favorite things to do include…eating cake and cookies with her family, painting pictures of animals in clothes, going to art museums, receiving long hugs from her Abuela, walking in the rain, being Cuban, sitting on her front porch and telling the stray cats to stop pooping in her flowerbeds, and writing and illustrating charming little books for kiddos! Before making books, Rachel taught art to kids of all ages which was lots of fun because art is the best and she loves sharing it with students! Her next picture book, I Love You Mucho Mucho will be released in September 2023. Pocket Full of Sads is her newest book. 

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Book by Rachel Más Davidson

  • Pocket Full of Sads by Rachel Más Davidson

    Pocket Full of Sads

    A uniquely humorous approach to sadness, this picture book helps kids understand this big, heavy feeling while encouraging mindfulness and exploring what it means to be a good friend.

    This tender picture book is the perfect primer to help children understand the heavy-hearted sadness that can come out of nowhere. And more importantly, it helps kids and adults be better listeners and more supportive companions to friends dealing with tough feelings. A must have for homes and classrooms alike!

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