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Due to space considerations, we have significantly reduced the size of our Festival Marketplace which means we are unable to accommodate as many exhibitors as we have in past years. Priority has been given to our nonprofit partners and those organizations with whom we collaborate throughout the year. All selected exhibitors have been notified and we are no longer accepting requests. 

2023 Marketplace Exhibitors

  • BarbacoApparel

    BarbacoApparel, San Antonio’s officially unofficial T-shirt company, has been celebrating the color and iconic imagery of Tex-Mex culture and fostering a sense of pride in the Alamo City since 2014.

    Facebook: Barbaco Apparel

    Twitter: @BarbacoApparel

    Instagram: @BarbacoApparel

    Website: https://barbacoapparel.com/
  • Carver Community Cultural Center

    The mission of the Carver Community Cultural Center is to celebrate the diverse cultures of our world, nation and community, with emphasis on its African and African-American heritage, by providing premier artistic presentations, community outreach activities and educational programs.

    Facebook: The Carver Center SA

    Instagram: @TheCarverSA

    Twitter: @TheCarverCenter

    Website: https://www.thecarver.org/
  • Chasing Camilla

    Chasing Camilla is a Zarape-inspired brand. Owner Melissa Rojas named the brand after her daughter, Camilla. She hand makes her own items alongside her mother and godmother. Melissa also travels to Mexico and works directly with artisans to create unique, handmade products.

    Facebook: Chasing Camilla

    Instagram: @ChasingCamilla

    Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChasingCamilla
  • ChickRocks

    My name is Marianna, the owner and creator of ChickRocks. My background is in Interior Design and Architecture and I work as a middle school ESL teacher. I love teaching, but I look forward to my evenings and weekends when I play with fabrics, my sewing machine, beads, and other tools. I create an array of handmade products, specializing in pet accessories and sewn ornaments that feature classic book covers.

    Instagram: @ByChickRocks

    Website: https://www.chickrocks.com/
  • El Sol Studios/Manos Mias

    We are a couple (husband and wife team) of professional artists and crafters that live and work in San Antonio, Texas. We make jewelry, clocks, magnets, ornaments, handmade cards, paintings, and anything else we get our hands on. We love to spread the Latino/Chicano Culture through our Art using traditional imagery and techniques with a modern folk art approach.

    Facebook: El Sol Studios

    Instagram: @ElSolStudios

    Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/elsol
  • Friends of the San Antonio Public Library

    The Friends of the San Antonio Public Library (FOSAPL), inaugurated March 23, 1964, promote public use of the San Antonio Public Library and appreciation of its value as a cultural and educational asset to the community and encourage the extension and improvement of its services.

    Facebook: Friends of the San Antonio Public Library

    Website: http://www.friendsofsapl.org/
  • Gemini Ink

    Gemini Ink is San Antonio’s Writing Arts Center. Our mission is to teach the craft of writing to people of all skill levels so they can bring their stories to life.

    Facebook: @GeminiInk

    Twitter: @GeminiInk

    Instagram: @sa_geminiink

    Website: https://geminiink.org/
  • Pre-K for SA

    Pre-K 4 SA’s mission is to develop a world-class workforce in one generation through high-quality early childhood education. The program impacts different aspects of early childhood education in San Antonio through: educational centers that serve 2,000 four-year olds and their families each year; a best-in class professional learning program that offers continuing education to early childhood educators throughout the city to impact more early learners and their families; competitive grants to support the development of other high-quality early childhood programs across San Antonio; and family engagement to empower families as they support their child’s academic development.

    Facebook: PreK 4 SA 

    Instagram: @PreK4SA

    Twitter: @PreK4SA

    Website: https://prek4sa.com/
  • Pulquerios

    Pulquerios is a cultural, handmade and local business that caters to the unique with colorful clothing, jewelry and gift items.

    Facebook: Pulquerios


    Website: https://www.facebook.com/Pulquerios12
  • Texas Public Radio

    Texas Public Radio operates seven non-commercial radio stations across the Lone Star State. Founded in 1988, TPR’s mission is to engage, inspire and inform with the goal of community empowerment.

    Twitter: @TPRNews

    Instagram: @texaspublicradio

    Facebook: Texas Public Radio

    Website: https://www.tpr.org/
  • Texas Monthly

    For half a century, Texas Monthly has chronicled life in the Lone Star State, exploring its politics and personalities, barbecue and business, true crime and tacos, honky-tonks and hiking. 

    Twitter: @TexasMonthly

    Instagram: @texasmonthly

    Facebook: Texas Monthly

    Website: https://www.texasmonthly.com/about/
  • Trinity University Press

    Trinity University Press is a nonprofit associated with one of the leading private, liberal arts and sciences universities in the United States. The press is known for publishing distinguished, award-winning books that contribute to culture and knowledge primarily in the following areas: landscape and environment; Texas, Mexico, and the Southwest; literature; and architecture and urban planning; social justice.

    Twitter: @TUPress

    Instagram: @TUPress

    Facebook: Trinity University Press

    Website: https://tupress.org/
  • UTSA Southwest

    In July 2022, the Southwest School of Art was officially integrated into the University of Texas at San Antonio. Now known as the UTSA Southwest Campus, this site continues to house academic and community programs dedicated to advancing arts education in San Antonio.

    Website: https://www.utsa.edu/businessaffairs/swcsupport.html
  • University of Texas Press

    Based in Austin, the University of Texas Press is a book and journal publisher of international scope with a broad and dynamic list in many diverse subjects including Texas and the Border, music, Black studies, Chicanx studies, art, architecture, Latinx and Latin American studies, photography, and gender and sexuality studies. UT Press boasts numerous award-winning books and New York Times bestsellers, and is the proud publisher of the Texas Bookshelf, which brings together the state’s brightest writers and intellectuals to reveal the fascinating stories that have brought Texas to the twenty-first century.

    Facebook: University of Texas Press

    Instagram: @UTexasPress

    Twitter: @UTexasPress

    Website: https://utpress.utexas.edu/
  • Very That

    A Latinx empowerment brand rooted in upholding dichos, Latinx nostalgia, color & humor.

    Facebook: @VeryThat 

    Twitter: @verythat 

    Instagram: @verythat 

    Website: https://verythat.com/collections/all-products
  • Writers' League of Texas

    The Writers’ League of Texas (WLT) is the largest literary arts organization in Texas, a statewide nonprofit offering programs and services to writers at all stages of their writing careers.

    Twitter: @WritersLeague

    Instagram: @writersleagueoftexas

    Facebook: Writers League of Texas

    Website: https://writersleague.org/home/
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