A YEAR OF PANDEMIC SKETCHES - San Antonio Book Festival
April, 15 2023


  • 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
  •    |   Location of Session: Rogers Hall
  • Adult Sessions
  • Start of Signing: 4:45 pm
  •    |   Signing Location: Festival Marketplace

About the Event

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, author and illustrator Edward Carey, decided to sketch a portrait a day of characters, animals, monsters, birds, and more. Plagues and Pencils allows the author–and us, too–to find comfort in habit, inspiration in daily life, and solace amid uncertainty. 


About the Author

Edward Carey - The San Antonio Book Festival Photo Credit: Elizabeth McCracken

Edward Carey

Edward Carey is the author and illustrator of four novels—Observatory Mansions, Alva & Irva, Little, andThe Swallowed Man—along with the young adult series The Iremonger Trilogy. He teaches at the University of Texas at Austin. His latest book of illustrations is Plagues & Pencils: A Year of Pandemic Sketches.


Edward Carey - The San Antonio Book Festival

Tom Payton

Tom Payton has been in the book and publishing industry for more than 30 years including work with the University of Georgia Press, American Institute of Architects Press, and others. He oversees Trinity University Press which publishes about 20 books annually about environment/nature, architecture, Texas and the American southwest, and Mexico and Mexican-American history and current affairs. He has serves on numerous industry and community boards and lives in San Antonio.

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