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Al Rendón

Al Rendón is a commercial and art photographer working in South-Central Texas. His photographs have been exhibited throughout the United States, Latin America, and China and have been featured in 14 books, as well as on the covers of People and Newsweek. Four of his photographs, including portraits of Selena, are in the National Portrait Gallery. A retrospective exhibition of Rendón’s 50-year career is currently on display at The Witte Museum. The exhibition also includes a re-creation of a darkroom with Rendón’s darkroom equipment, inviting museum-goers to explore the process used to develop photographs, and his personal collection of cameras and press passes used throughout his career. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. His latest book is Mi Cultura: Bringing Shadow into Light.

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Book by Al Rendón

  • Mi Cultura: Bringing Shadow into Light by Al Rendón

    Mi Cultura: Bringing Shadow into Light

    "Mi Cultura" captures a wide array of commercial and art photography ranging from charreadas, La Virgen de Guadalupe, and rock and roll and conjunto to immigrant food culture, the 2022 school shooting in Uvalde, and the impacts of COVID-19 on already challenged communities. Included is an extensive selection of retratos, or portraits, work Al Rendón is best known for--most notably his photographs of Selena (several of her are in the National Portrait Gallery). Taken as a whole, the collection reflects a timely cross section of historical and contemporary life in south-central Texas by one of the country's most important photographers.

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