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Cary Clack

Cary Clack is a journalist and editorial board member with the San Antonio Express-News where he was the first Black metro desk journalist. He has covered local and national news, events, and social issues for three decades. He is the author of Clowns and Rats Scare Me and most recently, More Finish Lines to Cross: Notes on Race, Redemption, and Hope. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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  • More Finish Lines to Cross: Notes on Race, Redemption, and Hope by Cary Clack

    More Finish Lines to Cross: Notes on Race, Redemption, and Hope

    Cary Clack has captured the hearts and minds of Texans since the mid-1990s, gaining a national reputation as an incisive and sensitive journalist and developing a significant following as a columnist. Originally from San Antonio, he worked with the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta (writing CNN commentaries for Coretta Scott King) to hone his communication skills and broaden his social sensibilities. Returning to his hometown, he quickly became known as a writer who profiled everyday heroes and captured stories unique to the Texas experience, adding a critical local perspective to national news. His columns are infused with a sense of humility and a keen examination of the humanness in others.

    Following sixteen years as a journalist, Clack pursued interests in politics, social policy, and service, including work with the mayor of San Antonio, U.S. congressman Joaquin Castro, and others.

    "More Finish Lines to Cross" is a collection of Clack's best short- and long-form columns since his return to the "San Antonio Express-News" in 2019. It includes more than eighty pieces about the issues of the day, from Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and the war in Ukraine to the impact of COVID, the death of George Floyd, and the mass shooting of schoolchildren in Uvalde, Texas. Along the way we meet the people who influenced Clack, which in turn reminds us to reflect on how we become the people we are and what inspires us to be better members of our communities.

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