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Kevin Carey is Coordinator of Creative Writing at Salem State University. His books include: The Beach People, The One Fifteen to Penn Station, Jesus Was a Homeboy, Set in Stone, Murder in the Marsh and a co-written poetry collection Olympus Heights. He is the co-founder of Molecule: a tiny lit mag. Kevin is also a filmmaker and a playwright and was a middle school basketball coach for 19 years. His latest book is Junior Miles and the Junkman

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Book by Kevin Carey

  • Junior Miles and the Junkman by Kevin Carey

    Junior Miles and the Junkman

    Junior and his family live in a junkyard, where his father creates pieces of art from the junk surrounding them. When Junior’s father falls ill and dies, Junior and his mother are left with few resources, other than what his mother brings in from her job as a waitress. The junkyard is threatened by encroaching development, and just when Junior thinks all is lost, he finds that a tin man, gifted to him by his father, begins to speak to him. The junkman provides advice in the form of enigmas. Are they clues? Or is it nonsense? Junior and his best friend, Isaac, embark on a journey to find out. Can a man made of junk parts teach Junior about art and friendship and overcoming the loss of a loved one? Only if Junior believes it can.

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