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Sara Goetter

Sara Goetter is a Pennsylvania-born, currently Austin-based cartoonist, where she draws comics with her girlfriend. She specializes in drawing goofy faces and dumb jokes, and cries whenever she thinks about frogs too much. Her latest project is The Bawk-ness Monster.

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Book by Sara Goetter

  • Cryptid Kids: The Bawk-ness Monster  by Sara Goetter

    Cryptid Kids: The Bawk-ness Monster

    Penny swears that when she was a little girl, a creature called the Bawk-ness Monster—half sea serpent, half chicken—saved her from drowning. Now, years later, she’s about to move away to a new city, and before she goes, she needs the help of her best friends, Luc and K, for a vitally important mission: seeing “Bessie” one more time. But in their quest to find Bessie and give Penny the send-off she deserves, the kids stumble into a whole new problem—cryptids are being kidnapped by an evil collector, and only Penny, Luc, and K can save them!

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