THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF WAR - San Antonio Book Festival
April 13, 2024


  • 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
  •    |   Location of Session: Festival Room
  • Adult Sessions
  • Start of Signing: 2:00 pm
  •    |   Signing Location: Festival Marketplace

About the Event

Susan Toomey Frost draws from an extensive collection of Hadsell’s original photographic prints to narrate his ten years in Mexico in Witness to War: Mexico in the Photographs of Walter Elias Hadsell which presents a compelling visual record of a young American man’s venture in Mexico as the country veered into an uprising, and later, the United States’s intervention in the Mexican Revolution.

About the Author

Susan Toomey Frost  - The San Antonio Book Festival Photo Credit: Courtesy of Susan Toomey Frost

Susan Toomey Frost

Susan Toomey Frost is a major collector and authority on Mexican and Mexican American photography and decorative art. She has taught English and linguistics at universities in Mexico and Texas. She is the author of Colors on Clay: The San José Tile Workshops of San AntonioTimeless Mexico: The Photographs of Hugh Brehme, and Roberto de la Selva: Modern Mexican Masterpieces in Wood. She lives in San Antonio. Her latest book is Witness to War: Mexico in the Photographs of Walter Elias Hadsell.


Dr Michael Miller

Dr. Michael Miller is a retired professor of Mexican History at Texas State University.

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