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Burgin Streetman

Burgin Streetman is a writer and the assistant director of Trinity University Press. She started her career in books at Doubleday Book Shop in New York City and has worked for Barnes & Noble, the Jim Henson Company, and Artisan Books. She has written for the San Antonio Express-News, the San Antonio Current, and the San Antonio Report and blogs at Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves. She lives in San Antonio. She is a co-editor of Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories.

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  • Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories by Burgin Streetman

    Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories

    People in San Antonio love to tell stories. "Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories" is a collection of forty true tales, epic adventures, and intimate revelations from the heart of one of America's fastest growing and most culturally diverse cities.

    There is the hilarious chronicle of being crowned Turkey Queen of Cuero, as well as stories of finding one's place as an immigrant or refugee, the heartbreak of being on the AIDS epidemic's front lines, and the redemption in writing My Little Pony fan fiction. From the birth of a Freedom Rider to the origins of a literary legend, from the search for a murdered mother's memories to passing our abilities and disabilities along to our children, the pieces here are as varied and nuanced as the city its authors have called home at one time or another.

    They might not all take place in Texas, but every story has roots in its streets, suburbs, and history. Whether it's an account of being stranded in Uganda, growing up in a Mexican border barrio, catching swine flu in Thailand, being among Harvard University's first Black architecture students, growing up in Iran, or leaving India for a new life in Texas, each story has a soul that is puro San Antonio. From last chances to first tries, all of these personal narratives were originally performed in front of an audience at Worth Repeating, Texas Public Radio's live storytelling series.

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